About Flávia

Flávia Mesquita is born in São Paulo - Brazil, graduated in Visual Arts by Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (PUCC) in 1981 and ever  since has developed several artistic activities in the fields of sculpture, pencil paintings, tapestry, weaving, among others.

Identified a new tool with the event of the digital world and developed several activities on this platform such as products development, logos, presentations and videos, keeping it to a website and an independent social network.

Tapestry teacher for over 15 years, realized that weaving does not depend on threads alone, but on ideas.

Weaving in papers, to use the effects of their superpositions and entanglements is a work that the artist develops passionately for almost a decade with the most amazing results.







2014 - Individual - Piola Cambuí - Campinas

2015 - Individual - Piola Alphaville - Campinas

2015 - In group - Livraria Saraiva Iguatemi Campinas

2016 - In group - Mostra internacional de Arte 2016 -                             Espacio Uruguay - São Paulo - Brazil


           In group - Salon International D'Art Contemporain -
           Carrousel du Louvre - Paris - França


           In group - Annual Exibition 2016 -

           Ofra Ben David - Hollywood - Florida - USA


2017 - In group - Live Art in São Paulo -                                                  Espacio Uruguay - São Paulo - Brazil

         - In group - To Tomie Otake's Honor Exibition -                             ALESP - SP Legislative Assembly - São Paulo


2018 - In group - " The colors of São Paulo"- 

           Portugal's House - SP - Brazil

            Square in Shape Panels to 

            Casa Cor 2018 - Campinas - São Paulo




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